No idea what ScarWork can do for you? Will you benefit from scar massage?

We are proud and excited to offer scar massage in Hitchin. Our sports massage therapist Kirstie is one of number of people to have completed the Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork course.

Scar massage technique uses a light touch, are non-invasive and generally pain free, even on relatively new scars. All healed scars can be worked on, whether they are a few weeks old or 10 years after a caesarean section.

The massage techniques used stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems and helps supports renewed healing and promotes tissue health. You may see or feel differences in the appearance and texture of the scar. The redness may reduce, your pain and numbness may improve, and the scar may feel less bumpy and more mobile. Visible improvements can generally be seen after just one session. Scar massage also treats the underlying layers around the scar, deep into the fascial web.

You may feel detached or hold emotions around your scar and after treatment your scar may feel looser, smaller and smoother and you my feel more comfortable with it.

If you are wondering how scar massage may help you or are considering treatment please contact us for more information.



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