What is the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)?

The SFMA is a comprehensive diagnostic system designed to assess seven fundamental movement patterns in people with muscle pain or joint pain.

Traditionally assessment and treatment is focused on tight muscles and isolated restricted joints or the ‘bit that hurts’. The SFMA helps us to assess how your body moves as a whole, helping to expose specific movement limitations that may lead to overuse or strain that inevitably leads to pain.

We can then direct treatment and corrective exercise interventions to remove these ensuring you become more robust and resilient thereby reducing the chance of recurrence.

Who is the SFMA good for?

The SFMA is good for anyone who is getting muscle pain or joint pain, especially when moving. Whether you play rugby or football or are a dance student with an intense schedule, a keen gardener who has “pulled” their back, or an office worker walk’s to the train station, the SFMA is a useful tool to help assess your movement.

Importantly the SFMA is great for identifying the causes of those chronic problems or problems that have a history of coming back.

Try a fresh approach and a new way to look at your problem you may be surprised.

To book an appointment for a selective functional movement assessment with an osteopath in Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage or Hertfordshire please or call on 01462 506166 or complete the form.



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