niggling lower back pain

Osteopathy could be the solution for your niggling lower back pain

Did you know lower back pain is one of the largest causes of work absence in the UK? Also known as lumbago it can often manifest itself gradually over time or as a result of an injury. Either way, it can be incredibly painful and for many patients, the pain can travel further, in some cases affecting the buttocks and thighs.

Our change in lifestyle is said to have had a significant influence on the rise of lower back pain cases in the UK, with the majority of the workforce in 9-5:30pm office based work where a high proportion of time is sat down at a desk.

Seeking treatment can come in a variety of forms from painkillers and acupuncture to chiropractors but in fact, osteopathy could relieve lower back pain.

So we’ll be honest from the outset, it’s not always the most relaxing and pain-free treatment but in essence, osteopaths work to release the tensions that build up in muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints. Ensuring you are working with a GOsC registered osteopath, each treatment can include a mix of massage, soft-tissue release, stretching, manipulation, joint articulation, mobilisation and gentle traction. A core benefit of mobilisation techniques lies in the ability to help increase the range of motion, particularly bending or rotating – a common challenge for those experiencing lower back pain.

So can osteopathy help your lower back pain?

A report released by Pulse highlighted a study which had taken place back in 2013 with 455 patients who complained of suffering from lower back pain for at least three months. The patients were randomised and received either osteopathy plus ultrasound, osteopathy plus sham ultrasound, sham osteopathy plus ultrasound or sham osteopathy plus sham ultrasound. The patients involved in the study had six treatments over a 12-week period and were allowed to take non-prescription medications.  osteopath for back pain

The results of the study demonstrated that osteopathy significantly reduced pain scores at 12 weeks. 63% of the osteopathy group reported a moderate improvement in pain compared with 46% of the sham osteopathy group at week 12. As such, a lower back Osteopath could be instrumental in helping you address that niggling pain.