why you need an osteopath

Top 5 reasons to visit an osteopath

People go to an osteopath for a variety of reasons, some simpler than others. There are many techniques and ways we can treat you, either by simple massage or by using the Graston Technique.

Here are the 5 reasons to visit an osteopath

1) Spinal problems – people visit us due to all types of pain along the spine, often as the result of our sedentary lifestyle,/; usually office workers who have to sit down all day and don’t exercise enough. After careful examination, we will be able to find the root cause and treat it.

2) Neck pain – people often believe osteopaths are just for backs, but we can help with your whole body, including your neck. Sometimes neck pain can be indicative of another problem – in the body, the pain may be in one place but caused by something else, e.g. neck pain could be actually linked to shoulder movement.

3) General aches and pains – aches and pains can occur for a variety of reasons, which is why we are trained to look over the whole body to+ find the cause. People of any age can be affected – for example in teenagers, aches and pains can be caused by something as simple as carrying around a heavy bag at school all day.

4) Women’s health – when a woman becomes pregnant, her whole body changes, with more pressure on the back and joints. This is a very common reason for a visit to an osteopath, and with so many different ways we can treat women during pregnancy, we help to make it a more comfortable experience

5) Sports injuries – this is very common as people don’t often give their injury enough time to recover. Each injury is unique and each person has to be treated on an individual basis. Some people are advised to stop all sports and rest for a while, whereas for others, it is better to continue. At the end of the day, everything is down to how well you listen to the advice given.
Whilst there are many reasons why someone should visit an osteopath, it’s better to get the problem sorted sooner rather than later.