Are you experiencing the discomfort of muscle aches and pains?…

Muscular pains and aching muscles are commonly associated with overuse, increased tension, or trauma from work-related activities, exercise or physical activity.

Injuries to muscle tissue can lead to the build-up of scar tissue, adhesions within the muscles and long term pain. Even the smallest amount of scar tissue can cause chronic pain and make muscles less elastic and more prone to re-injury.   This is because it deals directly with the tissues that are causing discomfort without the use of pain-killing drug

So, can Osteopathy help with muscle aches and pains?

Osteopathy can help as it involves the manipulation of the muscles, tendons and ligaments of a patient. This leads to the relaxation of tight muscles, improvement in circulation and the release of trapped ligaments and tendons.

The result? You will feel very relaxed, have increased neck and shoulder mobility and you can get on with your life without pain.

If pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs and rest have failed to bring you lasting relief from muscular aches and pains, osteopathy can help…

By helping to align your joints and smoothing out areas of scar tissue and other muscular irregularities, Soft Tissue Release breaks the muscular pain cycle at its root, accelerates the healing process, and restores muscular balance in a lasting way. Muscle Energy Techniques also help to stretch and strengthen muscles whilst breaking down fibrous adhesions.

Clients often report a significant and lasting reduction in muscle pain after just one treatment. Muscle pain, or myalgia can also be associated with autoimmune disease, rheumatological conditions, drugs, infections and many more. Osteopaths undergo a minimum of four years training. This is to ensure you get the best help for you. We carry out a thorough medical history to ensure we can help you. If we suspect another cause we will refer you to your GP for further testing.

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