Are you suffering from Neck or Shoulder Pain? Osteopathy can help you…

Cervicalgia or neck pain is a common problem. Neck and shoulder pain can be an acute or chronic problem. Acute neck pain has many causes, trauma such as whiplash, sleeping in a poor position leading to a stiff neck or straining neck muscles from carrying a heavy object. Chronic neck pain may be caused by sitting at computers, poor posture, incorrect driving position or pathological conditions such as spinal stenosis or osteoarthritis.

When joints in the neck or upper back become restricted the muscles in the neck and upper back can become “hypertonic”, meaning they are abnormally tight, hampering both movement and causing pain.
One of the best ways to resolve neck and shoulder pain is with osteopathy treatment – a corrective manual therapy that encourages boney and muscular alignment of the neck and upper back muscles that become strained from overuse.

The result? You will feel very relaxed, have increased neck and shoulder mobility and you can get on with your life without pain.

Each osteopathic treatment goes beyond relieving neck and shoulder pain. Hitchin Osteopathy will also show you how to manage your posture and movement habits to help prevent the neck pain returning.

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